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what do you want to be when u throw up?




me: *doesn’t shave*

me: damn i look like a GQ model or some shit

everyone else: who is that crusty man


I follow back everyone!


this fucked me up so bad

First off, the word ‘Crisp’ isn’t even a word that does this.

Since we’re discussing human speech, we’re going to look at the phonetic alphabet to look at the sound patterns. “Crisp”, phonetically, is ‘krɪsp’,  which begins with the velar plosive, followed by an alveolar approximant, which is then followed by a front close vowel.

In other words, the ‘c’ sound starts in the back of your mouth, then the ‘r’ sound is made with your lips, the ‘i’ sound is made in the middle of your mouth. The word ‘crisp’ changes in place of articulation in every sound, and not in a smooth way.

The word ‘crisp’ doesn’t “move from the back of your mouth to the front as you say it.” The places of articulation for the individual sounds don’t line up in that way.

However, many other words do. For example: “Can” “Candy” “Calf” “Cap” “Cape” “Couch” “Cower” “Cast” “Gun” “Give” “Good” “Game” “Gulp” “Kind” “Kale” “Kanker”

As long as your sounds articulate in a way that starts in the back of the throat, and moves forward in each articulation, you get this phenomena.


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